Covid-19 – Vaccine Warning

Dear Family,
There seems to be some discussion and interest in the family lately with regards to getting or not getting the Covid vaccine now that it is becoming available to some groups of people. Of course, you each have your individual agency and can and should choose for yourselves since we all have to take the consequences for our own decisions and actions.

The following are some of my personal thoughts along with links to additional information for you to consider before making this decision. This information is to get you started with your own research. Don’t limit yourself to just these things as this is just a starting place.
Feel free to share your thoughts along with other information you find on this or any topic of interest.
Love Always, Dad


First of all, make sure to do your own research, study it out in your mind (D&C 9:8) with real intent to know the truth and then ask the Lord for yourself. (Moroni 10:4-5) Without knowledge we cannot be saved (D&C 131:6) nor can we make informed decisions. Begin by recognizing that there is opposition in all things (2 Nephi 2:11) and that we wrestle against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Eph. 6:12)

In other words, there are powers of both good and evil at work on the earth. Everything that exists can be used for both good and evil purposes. Remember that the battle in heaven and now on earth was all about agency. Freedom to choose is the key principle involved as everyone will be held accountable for their own actions and decisions. Satan’s plan is to force all men to do his will which is now on display around the world. The Lord’s plan is to allow all men to choose for themselves. He invites all to come and follow him.

With these things in mind, it is obviously today that we are blessed to have modern technology. It blesses our lives in so many ways. With regards to the medical field, we are blessed to have many wonderful doctors and nurses who use their knowledge, talents and technology to help humanity when we are sick and put us back together when accidents occur.

However, it is also clear that there are those who would mis-use this same knowledge and technology to do us harm using chemicals, medications and other hard drugs to hurt or enslave us with disastrous results. Remember the warning to nourish with herbs and mild food and not “by the hand of an enemy” (D&C 43:42)

Furthermore, there are dark forces at work adding substances to food and medicine that strive to enslave us causing addictions of all kinds for the purpose of making themselves wealthy. Remember that the revelation on the Word of Wisdom warns us regarding the evil designs of men in the last days. (D&C 89:4)
Therefore we must be aware and watch and pray always (3 Nephi 18:15) so that we are not caught unawares and suffer the consequences.

Some Thoughts
Based upon the (D&C 45:31) we know that in the last days a desolating sickness that shall cover the land. Usually these types of events manifest themselves during times of famine, drought, and unclean sanitary conditions due to the lack of clean water and food. In our days, we also have to watch out for the possibility of biological warfare.

When Covid-19 first came out, many wondered if this could possibly be a fulfillment of this scripture. However, a year later we know much more about the virus. The Covid-19 virus appears to be biological warfare originating from China. We know that it can spread quickly among the population especially during the winter months. Elderly individuals and those with preexisting conditions seem to suffer more serious cases which some leading to death. However, most people in the general population do recover as with other viruses.

But consider what might happen if millions of people around the world line up to get a rushed vaccine and are negatively affected by it. It turns out that the elderly and those with existing conditions are also more susceptible to problems from vaccines. Could it be that there may end up being more casualties from using these vaccines than from the virus itself?

Do some research on vaccine injuries to uncover what is actually happening but covered up by the mainstream media. As it turns out, Congress has exempted vaccine manufactures from any responsibility for adverse reactions. Follow the money trail between politicians and the pharmaceutical industry.

Since the beginning of last year, Covid-19, mask mandates, lockdowns and now vaccines are being used as political weapons to shut down society, destroy economies, scare the public and influence elections. Never at any time before this past year has the whole of society including healthy individuals been held hostage and assumed to be sick under threats of fines and imprisonment for not wearing masks or shutting down their businesses. What happened to freedom in America and where will this eventually lead to in the future?

Does it surprise us to hear about “The Great Reset” leading to a “New World Order” where you will own nothing and will be happy. Isn’t the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights the standard to the world; an inspired document created by our founding fathers under the inspiration of God to guarantee the inalienable rights and freedoms to people everywhere?

You currently cannot go into most stores without a mask. It is easy to see what is coming next with regards to vaccines. You will soon not be able to either buy, sell or travel if you do not comply with these mandates. Governments, tech giants and the news media are already discussing ways to use the pandemic to control the people.

Media corporations are using their power to propagate fear and to push this agenda through propaganda. In the last days, you must question the motives of leaders and organizations. Make sure that you explore alternative news sources to see the other side of the story. Unfortunately, Big Tech organizations are using their power to sensor and shutdown free speech and to suppress information that does not go along with their narrative.

Is it any wonder that government factions and politicians create false flag events and then use them to remove our freedoms and further enslave us. It is clear to see that forced lockdowns have caused more harm than good with rising cases of depression, domestic abuse and even suicide.

Information to Research
Consider that if 99.x% of the population recovers from Covid on their own, then why is this virus considered a pandemic and why is a vaccine even necessary.Go to the CDC’s website and check out the number of flu related deaths and total deaths in the United States in 2020 compared to all previous years.

Remember the warning that the Lord gives in (Ether 8:23-26) to the Gentiles regarding Secret Combinations that seek to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries. Please study the tactics used by the Marxist and Communists revolutions to gain power and control over nations. The same movements and tactics are active today and are growing more vicious and bold in their attempts at overturning the constitution and our freedoms.

Remember how the Nazi’s used horrible medical experiments on the people.
Search on: Nazi medical experiments

Look up the term “Sorceries” in the scriptures. Isaiah 47:9, Acts 8:9,11, Mormon 1:19, Revelation 9:21, Alma 1:32Specifically look at Revelations 18:23 – for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

Do an internet search on: sorcery pharmacy.

You will find many articles such as the one below that go to an extreme trying to link all medical advancements to sorceries. Obviously, this is not true as technology and medicine can be used for both good and evil. However, there is some information that should be considered when looking into what is happening now and around the world when power and technology is found in the hands of evil men. Remember that when the wicked rule the people morn. (Proverbs 29:2),%20Drugs,%20Sorcery,%20IG%20Farbin.pdf

There are other articles, such as the following, that counteract the extremes in the above article.

During your research you will come to the conclusion that the term “Sorceries” can be better understood as any and all technology (media, education, internet, finance, government, medicine etc.) used by wicked men to further their agenda to deceive and enslave the world.

Once again, all technology including medications in the hands of honest and upright doctors seeking to help and heal the sick are a blessing to humanity. However, technology, power, drugs, etc in the hands of an enemy (seeking riches, power, control or evil designs such as population control or overthrowing nations) can do extreme harm. Unfortunately, there are evil forces that are plotting against humanity in these the last days. See the following for a couple examples. There are many others.

Bill Gates at a TED talk forum describing his depopulation agenda. The whole TED talk is also available on-line.

Globalist Klaus Schwab made it clear that transhumanism is an integral part of “The Great Reset” when he said that the fourth industrial revolution would “lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity,”

The Plandemic Series – The mainstream media continues to sensor, fact check and shutdown this information. Consider the reason why concerned individuals would go to all of the trouble to have persecution heaped upon them if it wasn’t for trying to warn their neighbors of what evil men are doing today.

Pandemic Panic To Usher In The UN’s 2030 Agenda Ten Years Early

Check out the following videos. There are many others that are similar. Make sure that you get outside of the main stream media and use several different sources and search engines. Big Tech is using all of their power to sensor and shutdown this information.

5G & COVID Vaccine Emergency Update the end of the above article you will find many of the vaccine ingredients.Notice that they are currently using aborted fetal cells and other potentially harmful ingredients in many vaccines.

The Health Ranger ReportSituation Update, Jan 20th – Day of Reckoning: Will the republic Die or be Reborn?(Commentary on vaccines start about 01:01:30)


Vaccine Side Effects?Norway Sounds Alarm As 23 Elderly Patients Die After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine

Brazilian dies in COVID-19 vaccine trial

Mom fights to improve vaccine injury program after daughter’s death

Vaccine from Bill Gates killed 10x more African girls than disease itself

Search on: Plandemic – Enact a Global New World Order – The Rockefeller Foundation
This Rockefeller document was read to the people of Ghana by their King, who is Honorary ViceCouncil to the Ivory Coast stationed in the Las Vegas Consulate. It was originally posted on Facebook to warn about COVID-19, masterminded by Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, together with WHO and theRockefeller Foundation. It was also posted on Youtube (President of Ghana reads Rockefeller plans).Below is the transcribed document.

Consider the reason why many healthcare professionals are refusing to get Covid vaccines.