Andy Wakefield warns humanity about the coming wave of coronavirus vaccines

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The Real Andy Wakefield

One of the most controversial, misrepresented figures of recent times, Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been maligned in Wikipedia, the press, science journals and other mainstream outlets — all stemming from his challenge to claims that MMR vaccine is safe. In doing so, he has threatened one of the most powerful corporate cabals in history.

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APRIL 6, 2000 | CLIP OF AUTISM AND CHILDHOOD VACCINESThis clip, title, and description were not created by C-SPAN.

User Clip: Dr. Andrew Wakefield Congressional Testimony 2000

Describes bowel disease in children with autism. Never states MMR was the cause. Parents reported the symptoms after the MMR vaccine.

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In 2014, Wakefield’s first film, Who Killed Alex Spourdilakis? is released and is critically acclaimed.

In 2016 VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe launches his career as a serious filmmaker.

1986: The Act

Man and microbe, from Polio to COVID19… a never more relevant forensic examination of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and its consequences. 

What happens when an ancient wisdom – a mother’s intuition – is pitted against powerful interests in a race against time?

JULY 2020