How Satanic Freemasons Used Covid-Fear To Enslave Minds & Bring About A Totalitarian New World Order

The coordinated global conspiracy to bring into effect a monstrous communist/fascist government where unelected technocrats and puppet politicians rule by decree used a weapon they called Covid-19 to inflict such fear into the weak-minded of the population that they were able to bring about a condition of mass psychosis. 

The Luciferian Elite harnessed the power of the global media in order to use methods of Pavlovian Psychology to inflict ever-increasing waves of fear into a malleable population. The effect this had on those who were unable to see through this deception was a literal murdering of the mind, as people were bombarded and overwhelmed by a constant barrage of carefully crafted messaging that were designed to destroy all elements of critical thinking.

With the feeble-minded so gripped by fear, they were unable to think clearly and easily succumbed to dictates they would have otherwise rejected. So effective was this mind-control technique, that it’s victims became a prisoner trapped withing their own minds.

Fortunately for the world, the great number of people who had learned to develop critical thinking skills and to question everything found themselves able to see through this deception. They were largely people whose faith made them impervious to this unprecedented psychological warfare and as a result, they are leading the mentally entrapped masses awakened a large enough segment of humanity so that Luciferian plot to enslave the world is now experiencing its final death throes. 

History will show that in the end, despite a horrendous death-toll, all the Satanic Freemasons accomplished was their own destruction. They have been exposed, and an awakened society can no longer tolerate their existence. Their great wealth will now flow back into the society from which it was drained, and mankind is unlocking a new prosperity the likes of which the world has never seen.

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